Forced marriage and so-called honour-based abuse are crimes and violations of human rights which deserve no place in our society. There is no honour in these harmful practices and if you’re affected in any way (or are worried about someone who you think may fall prey to such practices), the most important thing to know is that help is at hand.

At Luton All Women’s Centre, our specialist Harmful Practices service offers confidential information advice and support.

Find out more here or contact us on 01582 416783.

There is also lots of local and national support available. Use the resources below to find out more.

Local support                       

ACCM Bedfordshire                                                

Support and information for victims in Bedfordshire who have been affected by Honour Bases Violence, Forced Marriage or FGM. Support in different languages.                                                                                                                                                                

National support                

Forced Marriage Unit

Confidential advice and assistance to those who have been forced into a marriage, or people worried about a friend or relative. For professionals who are working with actual victims or potential victims of forced marriage - how to protect, advise and support victims of forced marriage – ‘Information and practice guidelines for professionals’.                         


Supports victim of HBA and harmful practices. Support in different community languages. Work to protect Middle Eastern and Afghan women and girls who are at risk of  honour-based violence, forced marriage, child marriage, female genital mutilation and domestic violence and to promote their rights.

Karma Nirvana

Supporting victims of honour-based violence and forced marriage.

Halo project

Advice and support victims of honour-based violence, forced marriages and FGM

Sharan Project

Supports vulnerable women, particularly from South Asian communities in Britain, who have experienced persecution, domestic violence, forced marriage, honour-based abuse and other forms of cultural conflict.

True Honour

Confidential one-to-one victim support for  honour-based violence and forced marriage.

Articles and other resources

The Independent: ‘It’s a toxic environment’: The victims imprisoned at home as honour-based abuse reports surge in lockdown

Southall Black Sisters: Abused women with no recourse to public funds 

Shelter: Help if you’re homeless from any kind of domestic abuse or harmful practices