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Many women who go through abusive situations find it difficult to move into a position of true economic and financial independence. There are lots of reasons for this but very often it’s due to a lack of skills, education or employment record and/or comes down to ongoing issues around low confidence and fears about engaging with society.

This is why we’ve created the Women’s Academy – an ambitious project which provides education, training and skills development activities specifically designed to help women who are escaping or recovering from abuse or other difficulties to move forward with their lives and improve their long-term employment prospects. The project aims to support you to move towards and into volunteering, training or learning, or paid employment.

What we can offer:

This programme is comprised of three elements:

The Capability Builder

This 12 week structured programme of key skills training covers areas like Essential IT, English and Maths, Financial Capability, Introduction to volunteering and Employment Preparedness. Participants will gain a mixture of accredited and non-accredited learning throughout.

The Confidence Builder

This 12 week scheme involves a series of confidence/resilience building workshops alongside other activities that promote physical and emotional health and wellbeing.

The Change Maker 

Throughout your time with the Women’s Academy, we offer 1-1 support and mentoring to help you develop your goals and take practical steps towards achieving them, e.g. helping you to apply for jobs, volunteering opportunities or training courses.

How to enrol

Pen resting on a notebookEveryone wanting to join this programme begins with a pre-enrolment conversation to talk things through and to agree that you’re ready to take this step. Once that’s done, we spend time with you to create an agreed learning plan which will usually be spread over a period of 6 months. Your plan will most likely involve participating in all of the three elements listed above but may also involve joining in with other structured groups at the centre, such as a Freedom course or gentle exercise group, or joining a course run by another provider locally. Everything depends on your needs.

Spaces on this programme are limited but to find out more or enquire about enrolling with the Women’s Academy, contact the centre on 01582 416783 or email [email protected]

Support this work

To keep the work of the Women’s Academy going, we need help from local employers and other in the community:

  • If you are an employer, could you offer opportunities for our Women’s Academy clients at your organisation, e.g. work placements, volunteering, trial days or employment opportunities?
  • If you are a local training provider, could you volunteer some of your time to support this project?
  • If you are a LAWC supporter, could you help us keep this project funded? A £20 donation would make a great contribution towards the learning materials we use throughout this programme. Please make your donation here.

If you believe you could help in any of these ways, please contact us on 01582 416783 or [email protected]