Elderly woman with hands raisedHaving supported some of the most vulnerable women and girls in Luton and Bedfordshire for over 25 years, we’re truly proud of the difference we make in their lives and within the communities where they live. We aim to notice and highlight issues of gender inequality and gendered violence towards women and girls, and to support those women who have experienced or are experiencing difficult things.

Woman wearing black hijab smilingNow helping around 700 women and girls each year, we see examples of how they make positive changes, and gain greater control and opportunity in their lives every day.

That might mean seeing vast improvements in their personal safety; it could involve practical changes like accessing better housing; it might be step-by-step improvements in their mental health, confidence or resilience; or it could mean watching them progress long-term goals such as entering education or employment.

All of this means that these women are given life chances they simply didn’t have before. With our support, they have the chance of becoming and remaining free from abuse. They have the chance of developing positive partner relationships in the future. They have the chance of experiencing good physical and mental health. And they have the chance of living as independent, socially and economically active members of the community.

Three smiling women sitting in grass

Talking of the community, we’re equally proud of the difference our partnership, training and outreach work has made across the local area. Among other things this includes increased awareness of the issues affecting women and girls; greater innovation and partnership approaches to local service development; a professional workforce that’s better prepared to handle disclosures and support victims; young people who are better protected and equipped to deal with abusive behaviours; and improved safeguarding practices across our community.

Luton All Women’s Centre has achieved an AQS Quality Award for our direct client work and been nominated for several community awards in Luton. Take a look at some of the facts and figures that sit behind these achievements.