We offer a range of other support groups for women at our centre. These currently include:

Sad woman holding her armsMimosa group

A 20 week therapeutic programme for women who have experienced childhood sexual abuse. This structured recovery programme is designed to help women move away from feeling like a victim, address the impact that the abuse has had on their lives, help them gain the resilience they need to move forwards and provide opportunities to gain a peer-support network.

Bereavement group 

An opportunity for women to come together during a period of bereavement, take part in some therapeutic activities and share their feelings. Whether those feelings involve sadness, pain, depression or anger, this group is designed to be a safe place of comfort.

Access other sources of help, information and resources around bereavement here.

Close up of woman with short greying hairMenopause group

An open-access group for women going through this very often challenging time in their lives. The group will focus on helping you understand what’s going on with your body and emotions, offer some guidance about the steps you can take to feel ‘normal’ again, and provide an opportunity to share thoughts, feelings and ideas with others. 

Dates for the next 6-week support group for women affected by the menopause will be announced soon. Please get in touch if you are interesting in joining us.

(For enhanced Covid-safety, this group is currently being delivered online. Places must be booked in advance)

If you can’t make it this time, don’t worry – we will be running this group repeatedly (in person or online, subject to the latest guideance) with future dates to be confirmed soon.

To enquire and register your place, please contact us prior to the start date:

Call on 01582 416783 or email [email protected]

Access other sources of help, information and resources around the menopause here.

Get help

To find out more or enquire about joining any of these groups contact the centre on 01582 416783 or email [email protected]