Bereavement, grief and loss can cause many different symptoms and they affect people in different ways. It is a difficult experience under any situation and is taking place under very challenging circumstances during the coronavirus pandemic. Those who experience loss during the coronavirus outbreak may experience increased trauma and may be cut off from some of their usual support network.

A bereavement from COVID19 is likely to be a very challenging kind of bereavement for most people. Because of this, it is really important that people bereaved by any cause at this time are cared for and receive support, especially in the first days and weeks following their bereavement. We know, that early selfcare, care from people immediately around us, and care from others too, can mean that it is easier, over time, to make a recovery, with good mental health.

At Luton All Women's Centre, our Bereavement Support Group provides an opportunity for women to come together during a period of bereavement, take part in some therapeutic activities and share their feelings.

Find out more here or contact us on 01582 416783.

There is also lots of local and national support available. Use the resources below to find out more.

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Bereavement information and advice - Bedfordshire (local and national

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