Female genital mutilation (sometimes referred to as female circumcision) refers to procedures that intentionally alter or cause injury to the female genital organs for non-medical reasons. The practice is illegal in the UK and recognised as a form of violence against women and girls.

Despite this, tens of thousands of women and girls are affected by FGM all over the United Kingdom and it can happen to any woman or girl from any background regardless of age, race, nationality, social class, financial status or sexuality.

If you have been affected by FGM or are worried about a girl or woman at risk, the specialist Harmful Practices service we run at Luton All Women’s Centre offers confidential information advice and support.

Find out more here or contact us on 01582 416783.

There is also lots of local and national support available. Use the resources below to find out more.

Local support               

ACCM Bedfordshire   

Offers support and information for victims in Bedford who have been affected by FGM, HBV or FM. ACCM also offer support in different languages and also has the website in different languages

National support         

National FGM Centre

Information and campaigning

Rights of Women                                                                                                                                        

Female genital mutilation and the law       


Information on health services for those who have been affected by FGM.                                            


Offers support in different community languages                                                                                          

Halo project                                      

Offers information and support in the UK and also international work to end violence against women and girls, including a dedicated project on FGM.                                                                 


Provides a 24-hour helpline offering support and advice on FGM in England and Wales.                             


Information and support

Articles and other resources                                                               

The Independent: “Children under 11 should be taught about FGM, campaigners say”