What we can offer:

  • Workshops around ‘domestic abuse’ for young people in schools/colleges/ universities
  • Workshops on Harmful Practices - forced marriage, honour-based violence, FGM - for High School and college students
  • Workshops around these issues adapted for particularly vulnerable young people, e.g. those being educated by alternative providers.
  • Support within further education colleges and universities, giving young women easy access to support that keeps them safe.
  • Training for teachers and other school staff in domestic abuse/ Harmful Practices, including how to spot the signs, how to support a student who makes a disclosure etc.

Please contact us to discuss any other subjects you’re interested in, or other ways in which we might work together.

    Young people are affected by violent, abusive and harmful relationships in so many ways.

    • Around 1 in 5 children have been exposed to domestic abuse, mostly witnessing this among adults in their home.
    • Over a quarter of girls aged 11 – 21 say they, or someone they know, has experienced controlling/ bullying behaviour from a partner. Just under a quarter say the same for experiences of violence from a partner.
    • One in two women aged 16-21 have experienced controlling behaviour in an intimate relationship but over a third of this group admit they don’t know who to turn to for help.
    • 59% of cases of forced marriage involve victims under 25.

    Young woman sitting on a table in a college or school

    We want the young people in Luton and Bedfordshire to be better protected from such adverse experiences - both as children and as they grow into adulthood. And, we want those who do experience (or are at risk of) abuse or Harmful Practices to understand how to seek help and for that help to be truly effective in keeping them safe.

    To achieve this, our schools, colleges, universities and other youth settings must also be places where young people can learn about and understand these issues better, while also knowing what to do if they, or someone they know, is in need of support.

    Our team at LAWC have designed and developed the series of training/ workshop activities mentioned above especially for this purpose.

    Our team is highly experienced at facilitating this kind of training and already support many of the High Schools and colleges of further education in Luton.


    Because we realise how important this work is, many of the training/ workshops we provide to educational settings are free of charge. However, as a small organisation with limited capacity, we do have to make a charge for some of our more advanced and intensive training services.

    We try our best to make costs as affordable as possible and are happy to quote for a programme of work that meets your needs.

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    Please send a brief summary of the type of training/ workshops you are interested in to [email protected]