The importance of maintaining good physical health, mental health and general wellbeing cannot be over-emphasised. However, we know that for the women we support, these things aren’t always easy.

Just look at this fact:

Women exposed to domestic abuse are twice as likely (than those who are not exposed) to already have a mental health diagnosis at the point of disclosure. They are also twice as likely to develop anxiety and three times as likely to develop a serious mental illness like depression, schizophrenia and bipolar disorder. (British Journal of Psychiatry)

Many factors prevent women and girls seeking help by traditional means (e.g. fear of authority) but here at LAWC, we’re scaling up our work to plug those gaps.

What we can offer:

Wellbeing Group

Elderly asian woman with head in hands in black and whiteIf you’re a woman whose mental health has been affected by abuse, violence or other trauma, this could be the group for you. 

As well as offering a space where you can meet other women who are struggling with, for example, confidence issues or anxiety, this group offers a series of easy-to-follow workshops that are educational and therapeutic.

Examples of the topics we cover include anxiety, sleep and healthy eating. You can also join confidence-building trips within the local community as part of the programme, as well as a weekly gentle exercise/ yoga class and a walking group.

Gentle exercise group

Run by trained women instructors from Active Luton, our gentle exercise/ yoga class takes place weekly, providing a safe, women-only environment for women who want to exercise without judgement. Keep a look out for other opportunities to increase your physical activity coming soon!

Wellbeing coffee morning

A monthly opportunity for existing and past participants in our wellbeing services to enjoy a coffee and a chat in a friendly central coffee shop.

Woman walking under a green treeWalk to Wellbeing

Weekly short health walks that give women the opportunity to benefit from being out and about in one of the ‘natural spaces’ close to our centre. Sessions include some ‘walking and talking’ activities, finishing up with refreshments and a rest back at the centre.

Sewing group

A twice weekly popular activity session where you can learn to make soft toys, cushions, bags, quilting, simple clothes and much more. It’s your chance to get creative, have fun and socialise at the same time.

Women’s health workshops

We occasionally run health workshops at the centre, addressing some of the specific issues which affect women’s health – e.g. diet, exercise, menopause. Keep a look out for news of the next workshop or let us know if there is a particular health topic you would like us to cover.

Get help now:

All of the ‘Health and Wellbeing’ services listed above have been designed to support women who are registered users of the centre. If that’s not you, that doesn’t necessarily exclude you from taking part. It just means we would need to have a conversation with you first to determine exactly what your needs are and ensure a holistic package of support is put into place for you.

To find out more about any aspect of our Health and Wellbeing service, drop into the centre Mon – Fri, between 9.30am – 12noon, or call us on 01582 416783. We guarantee you’ll be greeted by a friendly face or voice.

Access other sources of help, information and resources around mental health and wellbeing here.