What we can offer:

  • Women having a meetingDomestic abuse training/workshops for professionals working in the NHS, education, police, family 
    centres and other similar agencies.
  • Harmful Practices training workshops for professionals via local Safeguarding Children’s Boards, the Luton and Dunstable Hospital, colleges, schools, family centres and the police.
  • Masterclass sessions for the legal sector (lawyers, magistrates, prosecutors, police and others) covering issues such as stalking, harassment, controlling and coercive behaviour.
  • Consultancy and training services for public sector organisations (e.g. helping to develop policy, embed models of best practice or develop new services to meet gaps in current provision).
  • Event support – e.g. working with organisations to organise and promote events which focus on the key issues affecting women and girls in the region.

Why join us

  • It’s estimated that over 4 in 5 victims of partner abuse do not report it to police. Of those reported, only 15% result in a conviction.
  • 85% of domestic abuse victims seek help at least 5 times before getting the support they need.
  • One in two women aged 16-21 have experienced controlling behaviour in an intimate relationship but over a third of this group admit they don’t know who to turn to for help.

It is our firm belief that violent, abusive and harmful behaviours against women and girls in our community can and should be prevented wherever possible. Where that doesn’t happen, we want instances to be caught at the earliest opportunity with victims given access to the very best levels of support.

To achieve this, our community as a whole needs to improve both the opportunities women and girls have to make disclosures, and the way those disclosures are handled. We know that this is not an easy task so that's why we've developed this series of training and consultancy services - to help professionals working in key sectors to play their part.


Because we realise how important this work is, some of our basic training services are provided free of charge to professionals working in Luton and Bedfordshire. However, as a small organisation with limited capacity, we do have to make a charge for advanced and intensive training or consultancy services.

We try our best to make costs as affordable as possible and are happy to quote for a programme of work that meets your needs.

Find out more

Please send a brief summary of the type of training or consultancy work you are interested in to [email protected]