In the UK and around the world, there is what’s being described as an epidemic of violence against women and girls. With so much work to be done to change this, it’s hard to know where to start!

Our high-impact projects are supporting and protecting over 1000 of the most vulnerable women and girls in Luton so one simple thing you can do today is help us continue this vital work with a donation to our ‘Not Her Fault’ campaign.

Just £13 would be £1 for every Domestic Abuse crime recorded in Luton each day!

With every woman who comes to us for help, we’re committed to making sure she knows that what’s happened to her is NOT HER FAULT and that she stays protected over the rest of her life. Your donation could help us do this for more Luton women.

Double your donation

We’re aiming to raise £10,000 over the next 8 weeks. Crucially, if you are one of at least 25 people who donate individually to this Crowdfunder in the next few days, we could be able to double your donation with match funding from the Net Emergency Trust. With up to an extra £10,000 available, this could make a huge difference to our work.

Please visit and donate to our Crowdfunder and donate before 17th December.

Thank you for your support!