When Hazel came to LAWC, she was in an abusive relationship and extremely vulnerable to the abuse, financial control and manipulation she was experiencing.

After receiving support from LAWC’s domestic abuse service, Hazel finally felt able to report an incident carried out by her boyfriend to the police. As well as supporting her throughout that process, we invited Hazel to join our Freedom programme so that she could better understand what had been happening to her. For Hazel, the programme was life changing and it instilled her with the confidence to then pursue intensive counselling.

Due to her serious emotional vulnerabilities, it took 24 counselling sessions for Hazel to feel she could deal with all the issues causing her pain and difficulty in moving on with her life.

Finally reaching a position where she felt mentally and emotionally stronger, LAWC then began working with Hazel around employment options and job applications. This was something Hazel had not been able to manage previously but was now ready and keen to explore. With LAWC’s support, Hazel applied for various positions and secured part-time work in a local charity shop.

Describing the impact LAWC has had on her life, Hazel says:

“Luton All Women’s Centre was there for me at the lowest point when I had no one to turn to. Having gone through such an abusive relationship I felt normal again after realising it was not me or my fault. I would never have been able to believe in myself if it wasn’t for the adviser who supported every step of my journey to freedom from all the abuse I suffered for so long. I could not have done it without Luton All Women’s Centre, Thank you!”