“Empowered women empower women”

When women work together, pooling their resources and expertise to tackle the issues they feel passionate about, the impact can be truly life-changing.

If your passion is the same as ours (that every woman and girl across our diverse community should feel safe, healthy and empowered to live their best life) then LAWC Women’s Fund is your chance to help us make that happen and prevent the very opposite occurring for the most vulnerable women in our town.

This visionary membership group also provides fantastic opportunities to connect with like-minded socially-aware professional women and have some fun!

How does it work

LAWC Women’s Fund is essentially a ‘giving circle’, a philanthropic tradition which dates back hundreds of years but is still a hugely effective way of supporting charitable causes today.

Members make a monthly donation that’s pooled into a fund which, by way of an annual vote, is designated to a particular project or area of work that members feel will make the biggest impact on the lives of local women and girls.

Themes, priorities and project ideas will often be developed and presented in partnership with LAWC All Women’s Centre but, as a member, you get to choose where the money goes according to what inspires you the most.

Cost of membership

We ask you to commit to a donation of just £25 per month (or £20 plus Gift Aid), however you are free to donate more than this if you wish!

More than a donation

The best thing about joining LAWC Women’s Fund is that as a member, you’re guaranteed to get so much more out of it than the appearance of a new direct debit on your bank statement.

Benefits include:

  • Become more deeply involved in philanthropy by helping to shape the provision of support provided by Luton All Women’s Centre and our partners. It is your donation AND your voice that makes an impact.
  • Join us for social/ networking events where you can connect with other members to socialise and learn more about the key issues affecting women and girls in Luton. We’ll be hosting everything from ‘potluck dinners’ to film screenings and much more. (Due to COVID-19 restrictions, we’re currently planning a series of virtual events.)
  • Go a step further by taking up opportunities to engage with LAWC via pro bono or skills swap arrangements.
  • Receive regular updates on what your giving is achieving via our news bulletins.
  • See the impact of your support first-hand by occasionally visiting our centre (e.g. celebrate with us on International Women’s Day).

Join now

If you have any questions prior to joining, please get in touch with us at [email protected].

Otherwise, to sign up to LAWC Women’s Fund now, click on the ‘DONATE’ button (top right of this page) and follow our easy sign up instructions.

Please note that you will receive an immediate 'thank you' message but someone will be in touch to welcome you to LAWC Women’s Fund afterwards.

Terms and conditions:

  1. Becoming a member of LAWC women’s fund does not entitle an individual to any interest in, or benefit from Luton All Women’s Centre.
  2. LAWC Women’s Fund offers membership to women only.
  3. Luton All Women’s centre reserves, in its sole discretion, the right at any time to:
    1. Cancel or suspend LAWC Women’s Fund (ensuring members are still given an opportunity to decide how their pooled donations are spent).
    2. Reject, suspend or cancel an individual’s membership where there is reasonable cause (e.g. if the individual is associated with another organisation or activity that could adversely impact on Luton All Women’s Centre’s reputation).
    3. Cancel or reverse a donation made by an individual where there is reasonable cause (as above).
    4. Remove, edit, or modify any public-facing content created by a member (e.g. comments on this website).
  4. Members have the right to withdraw from the group and cancel their donations at any time.
  5. While LAWC Women’s Fund is in the process of growing its membership, social/ networking activities may be limited.