As part of the volunteering day I will be actively fundraising with my team (RIMS) in support of the Luton All Women's Centre (LAWC).

A very good friend of mines who was a well known and pivotal role in this charity passed away in her early 40s from Covid, leaving behind her husband and three children which not only made me reflect on how blessed I am as a women but also what I can do within my power and capacity to continue her legacy. The women at the centre used to nickname her ‘Lucky’ Begum to reflect the power and influence she had in their lives and ‘pun intended’, she was definitely a ‘Lucky Charm’ in the community, empowering many women and having a positive impact on their day to day lives.

I have previously worked with The British Heart Foundation to support groundbreaking scientific research and treatment for cardiovascular diseases.. Additionally, I also climbed Mount Snowdon in support of providing 4500 loafs of bread to the less fortunate across Middle East Asia.

I am seeking your support to help raise money for LAWC. Any contribution will be greatly appreciated.

M Ab