Parenting Programmes

Triple P

Our Parenting Coordinator is qualified in the Positive Parenting Programme (Triple P), that can guide and advise you to manage your child’s behaviour, in a one to one setting.
Helping to manage children’s tantrums, eating routines, aggressive behaviours, listening and much more!

Contact the centre on 01582 416783 to make your appointment for 1-1 support!

Family Nurturing Programme

The family Nurturing programme is a 10 week structured programme, 2 hours per week.     

The Nurturing Programme provides simple, effective tools to help adults and children

purple_flower.jpg understand and manage feelings and behaviour
purple_flower.jpg improve relationships at home and in school
purple_flower.jpg improve emotional health and wellbeing
purple_flower.jpg develop self-confidence and self-esteem; crucial ingredients for  effective parenting and learning

Adults are given tips on how to

purple_flower.jpg build on pre-existing parenting skills
purple_flower.jpg use positive behaviour management, communication and relationship strategies
purple_flower.jpg look after their own emotional needs, so they can parent more effectively

The Nurturing Programme is a Universal Programme that

purple_flower.jpg increases the well-being of all families
purple_flower.jpg is an effective vehicle for change in vulnerable ones
purple_flower.jpg uses ideas and products developed specifically for the UK

What the 10-week Nurturing Programme covers

Schools & Early Years Nurturing Programme
For children aged 3-13
10 week Programme repeated termly
Delivered in Circle Time as part of Personal Social Health and Citizenship Education
Nurturing Programme underpins school ethos
Parents Nurturing Programme

For children aged 0-18

10 week Programme
2 Hours once a week
Matches Children’s Topics
What Children and Parents Cover

Family/Classroom Rules

Praise & Criticism
Time out… to calm down
Personal Power, Choices & Consequences
Feelings & What We Do With Them
Anger & How To Deal With It
Kinds of Touch & Nurturing Ourselves
Ages & Stages in Children’s Development
Issues Around Sex – Helping Children Stay Safe
Behaviour to Ignore
Problem-Solving & Negotiation
Continuing the Nurturing Programme Beyond the 10 Weeks

The Nurturing Programme and Islamic Values

The Women’s Centre in partnership with Dallow Children’s Centre and Social Services have recently delivered a 12 week course.
Quotes from the course beneficiaries have been;
‘ My daughter shares now, she responds better to boundaries’

I changed myself and my son changed, he says thanks mum for not shouting at me’

Children are happier that I am more happy and spend quality time with them’

Since publishing Islamic Values and the Parenting Puzzle with Family Action Slough, the Nurturing Programme is being adopted in increasing numbers by Muslims who appreciate how the Nurturing Programme complements Islamic religious values. The booklet uses extracts from the Quran and some sayings (hadiths) of the Prophet Mohammad to demonstrate how Islamic religious values complement the Nurturing Programme.


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